The Mental Game of PokerTracker

pokertracker_4_logoI have been truly fortunate to get some of the most fascinating guests on the Mental Game of Poker Podcast. All of whom have shown that there is so much depth to the mental game and that we are only just beginning to scratch the surface.

Today’s episode is not to be missed if you are a high volume online player. I sit down with Steven McLoughlin from PokerTracker to discuss the mental side of tracking software. We discuss some of the most common mental game crutches poker players fall into when using tracking software, the truth about all-in EV and luck, and so much more.

As a mental game coach I found this discussion to be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle. I have many clients who had become over reliant on tracking software, some will use it as a crutch to try and ‘prove’ how unlucky they are. Others had tried to deny the truth by deleting their own databases after bad runs. Make sure you are not falling into some of the most common mental game mistakes when using tracking software by listening to this essential interview.

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The Mental Game of Poker 2


  1. PokerTracker

    Thank you for inviting us on the show, really glad we got to cover so many topics that are not commonly discussed by the online player community or PokerTracker users. Much of the information discussed applies towards players which use all tracks, not just PokerTracker 4… we are very happy to be involved, and glad you asked such insightful questions!


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