“It is the only book I recommend

2012 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Merson

“My buddy Tony Gregg (The 2013 One Drop Champion) told me I should read The Mental Game of Poker on audio book, I downloaded it in the middle of June 2012 and listened to it every night over the course of the WSOP. I couldn’t endorse it more, I’ve done interviews where people ask me what book I would recommend and that is the only book I would recommend. I couldn’t agree with the philosophy of the book more.”

2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table

“My mental game is tough, I don’t tilt any more”

2013 WSOP bracelet winner Justin Oliver

(Immediately after winning the $2,500 Four Max event.)

“My mental game is tough, and I’ll tell you why. My mental game used to be terrible, I used to tilt, I used to go insane, and this is going to be a plug for Jared Tendler, he wrote a book called The Mental Game of Poker and I don’t tilt any more.”

“The best poker book ever written, and it’s not even close.”

Lex Veldhuis, PokerStars Team Pro

Event 41_5000 No Limit Holdem Shootout_Day 2

“I really can’t imagine any poker player who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.”

2013 WSOP Ladies champion and Supernova Elite Kristen Bricknell
“The mental game is something I know I overlooked for so long, as have most of my other poker player friends, which really doesn’t make sense. As I learned from the beginning of the book- I was/am a huge mental game fish, and if you haven’t read this book, you probably are too.
Jared is fantastic. In the middle of reading the book, I took a look at his website and noticed that he was available for personal coaching sessions. I did some research, and after reading and hearing only good things about him, I decided to go ahead and get working with Jared personally. I’ve had two sessions with him so far and I am beyond impressed. Get this book!


“I’m able to play very long sessions virtually tilt free”

Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt

3ac1453b57“Jared has been a tremendous help to my game. For those that read my blog you are probably sick of hearing his name because I have mentioned our work together so many times. The thing is though, he has just been such an enormous help to me. I used to have to end most of my sessions early because I would just play and play until I would go on tilt and that would be the end of it.

Now I am able to play VERY long sessions while mass multi-tabling and play virtually tilt free and can honestly say I now bring my A game to the table nearly every time I play poker.

“Jared helped me figure out how to be a professional”

Max Steinberg, 2012 WSOP bracelet winner

poker_steinberg_sy_600“I give Jared a lot of credit for helping me figure out how to be a professional. There was such a stark contrast between me and some of the other players in the way they handled themselves during a final table. Players really would get so emotional at the results of even the smallest pots. An interviewer asked me after I won “It seems like you don’t really care that much about live poker huh?” and I said “What!? I deeply care!” He genuinely thought that I didn’t really care about the final table because I wasn’t (as) emotional attached to the results of all-in’s like the others.

I actually remember thinking at the final table of a conversation we had while I was working with Jared about how I wanted to make a million dollars and was disappointed that I didn’t make it. Jared asked me whether I would be happy having a million dollars knowing that I really didn’t do enough to earn it and the answer was no. Remembering that was a great reminder that playing well at the final table was going to be more rewarding than any result that could happen. I don’t think I’ve ever executed my game plan any better. Luckily, I played well and got the bracelet, it’s funny how things work out that way.”

“He teaches you things you need to be a successful poker player”

Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky,  EPT Berlin champion

Gewinner_Ben_Wilinofsky_2“Jared Tendler’s coaching offers a unique opportunity to improve on some of the most difficult skill sets for a poker player to master. It is unlike, and more important than, any technical coaching you could ever receive.

He teaches you the things you need to be a successful poker player that you simply can’t learn by playing.”


“I’m almost at the point where I don’t tilt anymore.”

Ben ‘Ben86’ Tollerene, High Stakes cash game professional

IMG5480-e1346699711912-300x300“I sometimes felt that I didn’t get a fair reputation when I read about me in the reviews. Now I don’t care anymore what people say or write about me. That’s why some of the pressure is gone.

I also slowly built up my tolerance towards variance. I’m almost at the point where I don’t tilt anymore.”

 Want to learn more?

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