Introduction to Controlling Poker Tilt

CroppedImage320180-jared-tendlerJared Tendler has helped hundreds of poker players eliminate tilt and go on to crush high stakes, take down EPT and WSOP events, and become winning professionals. He has helped thousands more with his books and training videos. Check out some of his testimonials to find out more.

Controlling tilt is a new place to create an edge, and you risk falling behind the competition if you allow a tilt issue to harm your own earn rate.

The purpose of this resource page is to give you the starting blocks you need to solve your own poker tilt issues. These won’t cure them completely, that takes work, so much so that we have written an entire book on dealing with tilt, The Mental Game of Poker 1.

However this resource is all about setting you off in the right direction and you should see some benefits quickly.

Control your own poker tilt now

The following posts should be read in the order they are presented in. Not only should you do the associated exercises with each one, you should also regularly revisit each section as you discover more details about your own poker tilt.

Before you can eliminate tilt, you must first be able to define it. One of the reasons why poker players struggle with tilt issues is because their definition of tilt is too broad.

Once we understand what scientifically happens to your brain when you are on tilt, we can begin to demystify it and start working to resolve tilt issues.

This is one of the most important tools you will develop to help you understand tilt and prevent it before it happens.

Once you have your tilt profile in place, here is some extra guidance for understanding exactly what the nature of your own tilt is.

Sometimes you will not be able to prevent tilt from happening, but you can work to stop it while it is happening at the tables.

The Mental Game of Poker 1

imagesAs was mentioned at the top of this resource, this really is just the start of solving a tilt issue. It takes work to eliminate tilt for good and it took us an entire book for Jared to dissect how to master mental game issues like tilt.

You will see some of the strategies outlined here in the Mental Game of Poker 1, you will also discover how to use tilt to improve your play, how to resolve tilt issues away from the tables, how to correct flaws in your approach to poker that cause tilt and we go into incredible detail into how to tackle each of the seven types of tilt. The book also outlines strategies for dealing with fear, motivation and confidence issues, and is the ultimate guide to resolving all mental game leaks in poker.

You can find out more about it here (including how you can currently get it for FREE on audio book).

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