Poker Mindset Hacks

homer-simpson-brain-mriMastering your poker mindset takes hard work, and while there are no short cuts, there are some simple changes you can make which will have a profound and long lasting effect.

The following hacks should be viewed as the be all and end all to creating a solid mental game, instead they should be looked upon as the first steps you need to take towards building a solid mental foundation.

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The following resources are all easy to understand and immediately actionable steps you can take to develop your poker mindset. Bookmark this page because this list will be added to on a regular basis:

Poker Mindset Hacks:

Small changes …… big results

Whether you are pressed for time or simply don’t know what to do, this hack will always ensure you are learning as efficiently as possible:

Do you find yourself second guessing your decisions in crucial pots? Here is a default line to take when you don’t know whether you can trust your instincts:

If you want to treat poker like an athlete, you need to prepare like one. Here is a simple guide to developing a warm up routine:

Likewise if you want to ensure you learn from your session and improve relaxation, here is a simple guide to cooling down after poker:

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