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Below you will find several resources to help improve your mental game.

One Minute Mental Game Fixes

imagesThere are no magic bullets for improving your mental game, no quick fixes, it takes hard work. However we have identified three immediate changes you can make to your game which will have a positive impact on your game right away. However it is very important to realise that they are only the start of a long road of hard work and dedication, so these changes are best implemented at the start of your journey to improve your mental game, rather than viewed as a be-all and end-all.

One Minute Mental Game Fixes

Getting to Supernova Elite

imagesJared Tendler has successfully coached nine players to the level of Supernova Elite on PokerStars, the ultimate grinder accolade. Find out about the training regime he makes them use, which you can incorporate into your own game even if you are not going for SNE yourself.

Getting to Supernova Elite

Free 39 page excerpt of The Mental Game of Poker

Get a glimpse into the book that changed the mental game for ever, which covers the foundations for dealing with tilt:

Jared Tendler’s Client Questionnaire

This is the questionnaire that Jared uses before his 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but we have found the veword-icon2ry process of completing it has shown immediate benefits for everyone, even people who don’t use his personal coaching.

Ignore the parts about emailing Jared, instead just concentrate on trying to get into as much detail as is possible about answering the questions – and remember to do it more than once.

The Best of The Mental Game of Poker Podcast

Phil Galfond

20110403081550In the online game, we consider Phil Galfond to be the ultimate professional. He is the best ambassador, best teacher and possibly the best player in the world.

Despite still being one of the ‘young guns’ of the game, he is incredibly mature and has a great handle on his own mental game, which is demonstrated in his very popular blog (which is long overdue a post).

He also has a brilliant attitude towards challenging himself and learning which made this an amazing show.

Steven McCloughlin of PokerTracker

pokertracker_4_logoA show we feel any high volume player needs to listen to. So many of Jared’s clients misuse tracking software like PokerTracker, they either use the EV graphs as a crutch to prove how unlucky they are, or they try and hide from the truth by deleting a losing database.

We met Steven from PokerTracker earlier this year and discovered he had noticed similar ways in which poker players made mental game mistakes with tracking software, so I brought the two together for this enlightening show.

Bart Hanson on Live Poker

BartHansonAnother recent show. For me Bart Hanson is the most studious live player in the game today. He is like a one man live poker training site.

If we made one big mistake with The Mental Game of Poker 1, it was we did not include enough live poker examples. Bart is living proof that the mental game is just as, if not more, important in live poker as it is online.


Matt Affleck on tilt

Matt AffleckIt must truly suck to be best remembered for incurring one of the sickest eliminations deep in the main event – twice.

That is exactly what happened to Matt Affleck, who is infamous in poker for busting out to eventual winner Jonathan Duhamel in a real cooler of a hand, having had it happen the previous year too.

Jared and Matt talk about how he dealt with such a huge sense of injustice, and how he has gone on to build a really solid mental game since. If you ever feel like you are cursed at the tables, this is the show for you.

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