Here is What You Can Expect from Mental Game Fish

nutsssssssssHey this is Barry and Jared, the authors of The Mental Game of Poker, and the founders of Mental Game Fish.  We are here to:

  • Help you to eliminate tilt, improve motivation and confidence, learn better, focus, grind better and play in the zone consistently
  • Provide free mental game advice from some of the most reliable sources in Psychology today
  • Bridge the gap between poker and sports psychology
  • Quash a lot of the bad mental game advice and psychobabble you have previously seen in poker

If you are interested in learning more about the human mind and how it can help you get an edge, in life and at the tables, you are in the right place. Just check out some of the testimonials we have from high profile players.

Here is how Mental Game Fish can help you at the tables

When Jared Tendler first came in to poker, the mental game wasn’t even being discussed. Common psychology advice in poker was vague, it didn’t go into detail and often was akin to one player saying to another ‘just don’t tilt’. Because of the extreme variance in poker it was clear that tilt was a tremendously destructive issue in the game’s of most players.

Jared Tendler was the first person to enter poker with a proven background in sports psychology and performance. He introduced the importance of the mental game in the same way it was being treated in every other sport, and was the first person to do it in such an accessible way that pros and amateur players alike could benefit from it.

Assisted by his partner in crime Barry Carter, Jared will be providing free mental game content that looks to bridge the gap between what science knows and what poker players do. There is no psychobabble here,  no fluff. You won’t be asked to visualise yourself winning or think happy thoughts. There is no magic bullet that will solve all your problems, the mental game takes work.

What you will get is practical advice backed up by research and Jared’s thousands of hours working with poker players and professional athletes.

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The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2

Strategy books for the mental game.

The two books that have changed the way poker players think about performance in poker forever. The Mental Game of Poker, released in 2011, was called the seminal work on tilt by Jesse May and it explores all the mental game leaks which hold you back like tilt, motivation, fear and confidence issues. Filled with practical advice on how to eliminate these issues forever, this book has helped thousands of players all over the world overcome the most costly leaks in their games.

The Mental Game of Poker 2, released in 2013, looks at the top end of poker performance – focus, learning, discipline, goal setting, decision making and playing in the zone consistently. If the Mental Game of Poker was designed to eliminate your weaknesses, The Mental Game of Poker 2 is all about pushing yourself to new heights.

“The best poker book ever written, and it’s not even close.”
~Lex Veldhuis, PokerStars Team Pro


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The Mental Game of Poker Podcast

the-mental-gameTune in as Jared Tendler takes to the airwaves to help listeners strengthen this critical part of their game. A wide range of interesting guests have come on the show including high stakes players Phil Hellmuth, Lex Veldhuis, Gavin Griffin, Phil Galfond and others. Guests also include some of you. That’s right, listeners have been on the show having their mental game problems solved live-on-air. Our goal is to make the show fun and entertaining, while also helping you to be mentally stronger at the tables.

The Mental Game of Poker Podcast

About Jared Tendler

CroppedImage320180-jared-tendlerJared Tendler, MS, LMHC, is the leading expert in the mental game of poker. He’s coached over 250 players from around the world, including some of poker’s top players like Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt,  Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky (Winner of EPT Berlin) and Ben “Ben86” Tollerene.

He has worked with players from 38 countries as well as thousands more through online training videos and forums. The combination of earning a Masters degree in psychology, being a licensed mental health counselor, over seven years of experience as a performance coach and formerly being a professional golfer has given Jared a unique approach to helping players of all skill levels improve and exceed their goals.

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About Barry Carter

barryBarry Carter is a poker player and writer from the United Kingdom. He is one of the most well known and experienced writers working in the poker media, and in 2013 won the Best Poker Media Provider award at the APAT Awards. He is currently the editor of, the biggest poker community in the world, and previously was the editor for UK PokerNews.

Initially Barry started working with Jared to provide a poker player’s voice to his material, but their relationship evolved way beyond that. Barry’s enthusiasm for the mental game flourished working alongside Jared and he has become an authority on poker psychology in his own right during the time they have worked together.

Jared is here to give you mental game advice and instruction. Barry is here to share with you things he thinks poker players will find interesting from the world of psychology, sociology and economics.

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What is a Mental Game Fish?

imagesMental Game Fish is a term we coined in our first book The Mental Game of Poker. It was a joke term to illustrate how far behind poker was in terms of understanding performance and the mental game.

Even though most of the people who bought the book will have been very accomplished players, their mental game compared to their strategic game was so far behind that it was almost like they were a fish of the mental game.

The term really stuck with fans of the book and it took on a life of its own, bringing us to where we are today.